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Mobile Apps to Make Job Searching Easie


Mobile Apps to Make Job Searching Easie

The hunt is in full swing. Being aware of the job market is a great idea, whether you’re looking for a new job or not. Knowing which companies are hiring keeps you alert. Being active will let your current employer know that you’re a sought-after product that could be taken away at any time.

There are numerous mobile applications specifically designed to help you find jobs during your free time. These are simple to use, versatile and can help you find the job you’ve always wanted.

Simply Employed

The quickest way to search for the latest job openings is to use Simply Hired. The app is free and functions as a search engine to find jobs and job ads. It allows users to make use of Simply Hired to locate jobs by location, job title or even company. This means you don’t have to browse the internet yourself for advertisements for help needed.

iPQ Career Planner

More than just an IQ test More than an IQ test, the PQ Career Planner gives you a test that reveals what your ideal job would be. It provides you with all the details you need to make the switch and pass your interviews. You can be sure that they’re receiving expert guidance from Iraq because of the fact that this test is used by a number of the most prestigious employers around the globe.


This highly-rated app comes with an employment search tool, a salary chart and also networking. You also have access to questions for interviews, high-quality resumes, as well as what you can expect from job advertisements. JobAware is available on several platforms, too, so you can switch from your smartphone to a laptop to a tablet.

Pocket Resume

The dream job is now available, and you’re not equipped with a current resume. What should you do? The pocket resume allows you to build an attractive and professional resume in a matter of minutes. When you download the application, you are asked to enter your personal information. The information is then compiled as a resume you can either electronically send or print. Since it’s free, it’s an ideal solution when you need an updated curriculum vitae or resume.

How Do You Color Your Parachute?

Any severe job seeker must be aware of the workbook for job hunters “What Color Is Your Parachute?” The app that comes with the bestseller gives you an experience that is hands-on. You can go through the exercises to discover which job is for your skills. The job interview tool will teach you how to handle talking to prospective employers. Learn what types of jobs are suitable for you. Also, you will discover the amount of salary you could be expecting or aiming for.


If you think that networking with professionals is the most critical factor for success, LunchMeet can be your app. When you sign in using an account on your LinkedIn account, you will be able to meet others in your community who are willing to host a lunch, dinner, or an after-work drink. The app’s goal is to spark conversations between those seeking career guidance and those who want to help others.

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