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Get a Job: Cost Effective Ways to Gain Experience


Get a Job Cost Effective Ways to Gain Experience (1)

Are you looking for a new job? Have you noticed that most of the jobs you want to apply for have job requirements that you simply do not meet? As you can imagine, you are unlikely to land a job with a high school education if the job listing calls for a bachelor’s degree in a particular field. With that said, you’ll typically notice that many job listings call for a certain level of training or on-the-job experience. If you do not have enough, here are some cost-effective ways that you can gain training and experience.


Training Course


If you are unable to attend college for whatever reason, look into training courses offered by community colleges, career centers, and vocational training centers (typically the organizations that provide high school students with auto repair classes and cosmetology classes). Many of these classes are affordable and, in some cases, free. For adults, night classes are typically offered.

Although a college degree or a college education will appear better on a resume, a training class or two that you successfully completed in the sector you are looking to secure a job is recommended. It is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to add training and education to your resume or job applications.


Part-Time Job


Let’s say that your main goal is to secure a stable, well-paying job as an office manager. You previously worked in retail. Through avid computer use and an old high school training class, you do type 85 words per minute. Your retail experience enabled you to hone your customer service skills. You know you are a good candidate for the job, but job listings typically ask for at least six months of office experience. It will not hurt to apply for jobs as-is, but consider securing a part-time, second job that enables you to gain that much-needed job experience.

In keeping with the example of office manager jobs, look for nighttime positions if you are currently employed full-time during the day. Hospitals, emergency care centers, hotels, and motels need around-the-clock office help. The biggest benefit is that you get paid while securing additional job experience.


Volunteer Work


As nice as it is to say, “go out and get a part-time job,” it is simply not an option for every job seeker. You may be unable to work nights due to being a single parent. You may be unable to take a part-time job without losing your unemployment benefits. In that case, look into using volunteer work as a way to gain job experience.

When we think of volunteer work, most often cleaning dog cages at the SPCA or being a candy striper at a hospital comes to mind. Volunteer work comes in every shape and size. Look for volunteer opportunities that enable you to get job experience. For example, volunteer to work the front desk at an animal shelter, at your non-profit library, for a non-profit youth organization, and so forth.



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