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All About Second Chance/STRIVE (California Aid for Felons)


All About Second ChanceSTRIVE (California Aid for Felons)

Since the 1980s, STRIVE or Support Training Results in Valuable workers continues to give pre-employment and job readiness training to sectors of society who are demanding similar training- suchlike partner cons.

Numerous believe that the only way for an annex-felon to rehabilitate and go back into society is by empowering them to stand on their own. What better way can we empower individuals than by helping them to gain employment? The reintegration of an annex-felon into society is made briskly by employment openings that help the ex-felon gain control of his finances; still, chancing a job alone may just be the biggest challenge for recently released ex-felons.

Nonprofit associations similar to Alternate Chance/ STRIVE( California Aid for Felons) will clearly be a great help. Not only do these kinds of nonprofit associations give job expositions, but they also give all feathers of backing and training that any lately released-felon needs in order to land a job.

Alternate Chance is STRIVE’s biggest and most successful chapter in the world. Alternate Chance in California is considered to be the sanctioned training center for all STRIVE cells on the West Coast. Since the launch of the training program, STRIVE has graduated,000 indigent individuals, all coming from the marginalized sectors of society. Among the people that Second Chance serves are individuals with felony persuasions, out-of-academy youths, jobless and employed individuals, women and children, the homeless, and other members of the marginalized sectors of society.

internee Reentry Employment Program or PREP

One program that Alternate Chance/ STRIVE has successfully launched that has yielded great and amazing results throughout the times is Prisoner Reentry Employment Program or PREP. The internee Reentry Employment Program or PREP offers job readiness training and house and life chops programs that help restrict ex-felons into the community. After serving their time, recently released captures are enrolled in a three-week rigorous training program that will help them go back into society. The program helps recently released ex-felons to develop good stations and chops that will help them land employment openings, as well as changing bad stations that could help them from getting employment.

Taking a holistic approach to the problem, PREP helps not only the ex-felons but also their families, aiming to reduce homelessness and crime in the metropolises they live in.

Alternate Chance also welcomes individuals who don’t intend to suffer the three-week-long pre-employment training. With the help of in-house job inventors, actors can get amazing and comprehensive backing to help them look for employment on their own.

Alternate Chance also holds regular job expositions for their graduates to grease the training’s end to give the lately released ex-felons employment as soon as possible. With over 95 employment rates, STRIVE’s Alternate Chance proves to be one of the most stylish post-release programs out there.


Other programs that Alternate Chance Strive has successfully launched are kids’ Options for Lifelong Transitions or JOLT, Financial Freedom, and Housing Program.

JOLT is intended to reform academy youths and help them make a better future for themselves. The program provides literacy for those who want to go back to the academy and training for those who want to get employment. Financial Freedom is a program launched to train their graduates and anyone interested in how to handle plutocrats. The casing program is a program for furnishing homes that are safe and violence and medicine free. Casing programs are given to people who don’t have a place to stay until they’ve eventually set up employment which will allow them to get or rent their own homes.

Alternate Chance/ STRIVE( California Aid for Felons) is indeed a great nonprofit association that touches the lives of numerous. Alternate Chance/ STRIVE( California Aid for Felons) is a great alleviation to numerous of us who has been fortunate. Let us make this world a better place to live in; let us follow in the loving way of Alternate Chance/ STRIVE( California Aid for Felons)!

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