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Work for Felons – Ways for Felons to Earn Money Working


Work for Felons - Ways for Felons to Earn Money Working (1)

As soon as you have a felony conviction on your record, your career options are narrowed considerably. Getting short-term work can be difficult, and getting long-term work can, at times, seem impossible. Fortunately, there are some really good programs that don’t discriminate based on what’s on your criminal record. I’m talking about both paid survey sites and data entry sites. These have gotten a really bad rap over the years as a vast majority of them are scams that try to get you to dish out $10-40 for some useless ebook. There are some legitimate and reputable sites, however, and they can be well worth your time if you treat them like a way to keep busy while earning some extra cash and not a full-time job.

Doing paid surveys – Is it really worth it?

The answer really depends on what you’re looking for. Doing surveys won’t replace the income from a full-time job, but it’s an excellent way to supplement the income from a full-time job. These sites pay very well per hour, but the problem is that you can only work a few hours per week, then you run out of surveys. However, for those few hours, you’re making a phenomenal hourly rate. The trick is to check the site a few times per week and look for the high-paying surveys and just complete those. Just to give you an idea, it takes about 5-8 minutes to do a $2.00 survey. If you do the math to calculate your per-hour earnings, it’s around $20 per hour. As I said, though, it’s not consistent, as there are a limited amount of surveys added every week.

How about Data Entry?

Even though the terms “Data Entry” and “Paid Surveys” are often used synonymously, they are very different. With paid surveys, you earn for providing your opinion on various brands and concepts. Data entry, however, requires you to do a tedious and repetitive task that a computer can not yet do. Data entry pays less than paid surveys, but it is far more consistent. You will never run out of data entry tasks, and you can literally do them all day and all night.

Why are these methods good work for convicted felons?

The biggest reason is that they don’t discriminate based on what’s on your record. They don’t even look at your record; signing up takes just a few seconds, and you are on your way to earning your first paycheck. You don’t have to deal with that pretentious “I’m better than you” attitude that you find in the current workplace. You can earn as much or as little as you want; it’s completely up to you.

Keep in mind that these methods are best used when you consider them to be a side job. Something to kill time while your job searching so that you can feel productive and earn money at the same time. There also good for supplementing a current income, but they really don’t produce enough to substitute for a full-time income. These methods are a very solid choice for any felon seeking flexible work that doesn’t require any kind of higher education.



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