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5 Proven Methods to Gain and Keep the Attention of Top Headhunters


5 Proven Methods to Gain and Keep the Attention of Top Headhunters (1)

Resumes: MS Word

“.Document” layout – no longer pdf, no longer ppt. Most recruiters will need to reformat it in a manner that the clients request or their agency offers to clients. Word “.Document” format and opposite chronological order with easy formatting are the absolute maximum common layout Head Hunters use, and customers receive. Using a Recruiter will put you without delay in front of a choice maker, so contemplating making a completely unique or “eye-catching” resume is just wanted. In reality, people who come upon the table of maximum recruiters will get stripped right down to the naked bones and put on a Word. Document in the long run. Top generating Head Hunters will be reviewing and processing many resumes a day. Make it smooth for them to paint with, and you’ll keep their attention. Sixteen-page resumes, with four special fonts and five exclusive varieties of bullet points/sizes, visit the trash container. Try to keep it under three pages. Do want to squeeze it all on one page; however, do not position every of info your working life. For each task, pay attention to SUCCESS/RESULTS. Recruiters need to peer numbers, chances, group of workers numbers controlled, increases in revenue, decrease in prices, higher logo cognizance, etc. Try to quantify yours as a good deal for your achievement. For each company/position you have got worked, try to highlight in multiple sentences your key obligations and then show three to four KEY fulfillment tales. You want to demonstrate to your Head Hunter that each career change you’re making, manner results, and success in your company and that there’s a provable pattern of your success.

Define multiple subsequent steps:

The worst answer to a Recruiter’s query, “What’s your ideal subsequent profession step?” – “I’m open.” NO. Talk in specifics. It will no longer restrict what a Head Hunter offers to you, but it’ll get you roles that might be quite close to what you observed as your best next step. If you’ve got been in your enterprise for 10+ years, you, in all likelihood, understand there are more than one routes you can take in your career. Know what they’re! Know which one you’re the pleasant fit for. Articulate that in your Head, Hunter. Consider the scale and scope of the function you want subsequently. The kind of enterprise – a begin-up, a multi-country-wide, a boutique company? Guide your Head Hunter to the “best” position/s you may make a circulate to; they will get MORE roles to you in case you supply them a target to paint with.

Preparation for interviews:

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (5Ps). A top Recruiter will provide you with an awful lot of data as they have got acquired from their patron and can even put together a statistics % about their purchaser. Interview pointers and a “function play” telephone call or a face-to-face training meeting along with your Head Hunter may additionally have also been carried out. But at the quit of the day, you should put together yourself for the meeting. Even if you are uncertain if the ability employer is the proper next career step for you, you ought to pass in prepared and displaying enthusiasm/interest for the position and the corporation. Thoroughly look at the agency’s internet site. Not a look, however, a true exploration of the business enterprise, “approximately us,” press releases, Investor Relations, products, services, and so forth. You may additionally find out lots more about the agency which you predicted. With easy seek on the internet approximately, the business enterprise also can display stock charges, performance, and modern-day information. It is vital you’re nicely versed in the present-day information of the corporation. Having this expertise earlier than you pass right into a meeting and incorporating it into your answers and questions to the interviewer will reveal interest, interest, and your seriousness stage of their agency. This could be contemplated inside the comments they pass on for your Head Hunter. Regardless of the outcome of the assembly, you need your Head Hunter to listen so that you have been organized and informed about their customer organization. The opposite will, without a doubt, not get you any other meeting.

Prove you are counter-provide resistant:

In a buoyant marketplace, it is going to be common in order to acquire multiple gives or even a counter-offer out of your modern-day enterprise when you inform them you are resigning. If you have determined to take the provide of your Head Hunter’s client, the assured manner to ruin your popularity and have it known in the industry (Yes, Head Hunters do communicate to other Recruiters) is to them accept a counter-provide by using your cutting-edge employer. Simply, do now not begin the process of interviewing with a pinnacle Head Hunter in case you plan to leverage an offer to gain a bonus with your modern company. Examine your reasons for finding out to transport on out of your modern-day organization and comprehend that although a counter-provide is made, the motives for shifting on are maximum likely no longer going to trade. In a survey achieved by using the Wall Street Journal, over 50 percent of people receiving counter-gives after turning in their resignations accepted them. Within eighteen months, ninety-three percent of those accepting counter gives had left, some voluntarily and some fired. All of the ultimate seven percent had been actively in search of new employment. All top Recruitera have suffered from applicants accepting counter-gives. To maintain the eye of a top Head Hunter, in case you interview with them, volunteer the motives you may now not receive a counter-provide. Multiple reasons are stronger than one and will offer a diploma of consolation for a Head Hunter to get you out to their top, preferred clients. Head Hunters no longer need to ship candidates to their clients to waste valuable time and gain exhilaration from a client, most effective for it to result in rejected offers. If this occurs in more than one instance for a Head Hunter with a Client, the Head Hunter may additionally lose them as a favored companion. Showing recognition for a Recruiters courting with their customer is favored and may be diagnosed and rewarded.


Over the past ten years, the recruiting market has transformed significantly. Timing is greater critical than ever. Timing, in terms of responding to consumer/candidate requests, introducing applicants to clients, remarks from applicants/customers, and timing of selections to offer or not to offer. A pinnacle Recruiter might be operating with a chosen organization of clients and candidates at one time. They have a tendency to do their high-quality to be timely and correct with the facts they carry to both the candidate and consumer. If you initiate your career exchange via a Head Hunter, be prepared to open up a totally liberal line of communique with them. Give them your mobile, direct office, home variety, text cope with, and different contact details that permit your Head Hunter to get maintain of you easily. The tempo of the industry is quicker than ever, and delays can be costly. It may cost a little the Head Hunter a fee; however, greater importantly should free you for a position that is a career builder. Answer emails quickly and fully. Be as bendy along with your ability to meet a Head Hunter’s clients and requests. Do now not go away a Head Hunter expecting hours and hours on pressing customer requests. The Head Hunter appreciates you are hired and operating difficult, but at some point in the manner you have to make this a priority task for you. Your new process is getting a brand new process!

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