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Transitioning From Abroad: How to Get a Jump-Start on the Transition Process While Living Overseas


Transitioning From Abroad How to Get a Jump-Start on the Transition Process While Living Overseas


A navy-to-civilian transition has many demanding situations. From adjusting to the civilian place of business to selecting a new career direction to interview for and touchdown your next position, there are lots of responsibilities to finish in your manner to a brand new career. One issue which can add an extra layer to the project is dwelling abroad during or foremost up on your transition. Though it regularly provides different challenges, living abroad additionally approaches you have got specific stories that might be attractive to capacity employers. With that in mind, let’s have a look at a way to leap-start your transition process at the same time as dwelling abroad.

Friends and Family

One of the high-quality approaches to get a soar-start on a career transition from abroad is to contact family and pals again here in the States. Why do that? But actually, it is a top-notch manner to begin the networking paintings you will need to maintain at some point in your transition. Family and pals can be a brilliant resource for collecting information approximately potential agencies to work for, what the way of life is like at numerous employers, and with whom you ought to make contact in well-known.

Another “friends and family” resource to consist of for your listing of people to whom you need to reach out as you start your transition are different former carrier contributors. Commanding officers, fellow officers, fellow enlisted soldiers – more or much less anybody who knows you properly and will offer help whilst developing your network has precious statistics to proportion with you. What’s more, you may be surprised how willing pals and their own families will be to assist with your transition.

Talent Acquisition Companies

Talent acquisition agencies, greater usually referred to as “headhunters,” are firms that help groups with their staffing wishes. These corporations specialize in locating the right individual for a particular emptiness, and they may be designed to work for the profession-changer. Talent acquisition companies are paid with the aid of the organizations who would lease you – they are no longer produced by you, in my view – so they’re a fantastic alternative for many transitioning veterans. In unique, a veteran with 15-20+ years of carrier is often a proper fit for a talent acquisition agency.

What sort of profession could you discover the usage of a talent acquisition company? Since headhunting firms are commonly massive businesses based everywhere in the world, they hire for careers and positions that are additionally based totally all over the world, now not always just inside the US. If you are inquisitive about global service when you get out of the military, they will be a tremendous manner to find a role you won’t, in any other case, discover.


Veterans who have been dwelling overseas and at the moment are coming into the transition section out of the army will revel in a further layer of the mission. While this couldn’t be averted, veterans overseas can make an appearance to family and buddies to assist in increasing their community – a place they’ll need to burnish having lived abroad – and maximize the skills and studies they have acquired abroad to locate their next pleasant profession. Talent acquisition businesses are often an excellent way to find a career and a role that fits the skills advanced by veterans who’ve lived overseas for a period of time, particularly if you wish to remain abroad.

Ultimately though, no matter whether you propose to stay abroad or return home, you could get a terrific jump-begin on the transition manner by using constructing your community of contacts and also via thinking about using an organization that could correctly translate your unique experiences into a profitable profession.

Key Take-Aways

Living abroad provides a layer of projects, however it additionally manner you’ve got something particular to offer capacity employers
Don’t be afraid to utilize friends and circle of relatives to assist in broadening your community; you may want it to make a successful transition
Because you have particular skills and experiences from living overseas which might be pretty valuable to certain corporations, a skills acquisition business enterprise can be an excellent way to discover your subsequent enterprise
Jean Muller is the co-proprietor and expert at the back of Career Search America, a consulting service dedicated to helping America’s leaders transition from the army to civil careers. Jean is a skilled Human Resource professional with tested success in consulting for the excessive era, fitness care, expert services, non-income, and coverage industries.

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