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12 Honest Job Search Facts About Your Job Search, From a Recruiter Who Doesn’t Beat Around the Bush


12 Honest Job Search Facts About Your Job Search, From a Recruiter Who Doesn't Beat Around the Bush

“I’m an employer.”
Try mentioning these three phrases at an event, and you’ll get at least one, if not more, than “I dislike recruiters.” It’s no surprise that I was aware that I’d reached the top of my career to warrant that response. (Hey, I am glad that I did not have to explain my work for an income!)

Headhunting is a fact, and it’s true that it will not be the most popular choice; however, I’ve learned so many things about how it actually is. In the end, I chose to take the hard-hitting facts I learned and provide them to job applicants. So, take a cue from the book of the other team. This is what every applicant must be aware of when applying for job openings.

1. Your Resume is pretty Boring

Let’s face it; resumes could be the most boring documents to read in the world. Imagine getting your mail every day with a plethora of these documents. The amount of glitter or flash will turn your resume into the Girl on the Train.


When you’re dealing with recruiters, do not waste time arguing about the ideal font or color. Instead, make sure that you’re visible to the right people and that it is clear and straightforward to read.

2. Your Resume won’t be read in full

It’s true that I did not read the resumes of the candidates in full. It’s just not feasible in a job where time is essential.


Make sure you only provide the most relevant information and cut any other information you’re throwing in to make it easier for you to create a balanced display. For those who are thinking about a two-page resume, this is precisely why it’s not worth the effort.

3. The Recruiters won’t want to read Your Cover Letter

It is well-known that managers usually want to showcase your abilities as well as your qualifications and writing abilities in your cover letter. But they are also looking for your resume. (Confession I don’t review cover letters thoroughly.)


Attract attention quickly by using an engaging opening line. Like resumes that frustrate us as well, cover letters also bore us. Therefore, make us smile, and it will help a lot.

4. However, they’ll notice the Bad One

Yes, I’ve mentioned that we don’t like to go through letters to cover (and so, most people just read them). However, we’ll know when you mail a generic letter addressed “To Whom it Might Concern.”


Make sure you tailor your cover letter to your specific needs. Even if your cover letter isn’t being read, the person who is skimming it will want to know that you’ve put some effort into it.

5. Like you, we’re busy.

It’s not possible for us to respond to every person who seeks assistance. Mainly if the query isn’t in our domain or requires an extensive amount of investigation on our part, for example, “What are the current job openings in your business that could I apply for?”


Be sure that you’re making contact with the correct person, but make sure you’re asking questions in a concise manner so that we can efficiently respond quickly.

6. You must be able to (Succinctly) summarize your Experience and Qualifications

A lot of applicants think that “Tell me about your experience” with the opportunity to review their resumes bullet point-by-point. Humans aren’t perfect and will eventually get bored and not focus on your most outstanding highlights.


Instead, work on your elevator pitch. Be sure to mention your highlights and transitions, the number of direct reports as well as ROI, corporate contributions and responsibilities relevant to the job you’re seeking.

7. Recruiters are aware of your age

We can put together more with just the help of a resume and a little basic research.


Don’t forget to include dates on your resume or attempt to create the impression that you have more significant experience and experience levels than you actually do.

8. We get to the bottom of Everything

The art of sifting through the good, bad, as well as ugly is the work of recruiters. Experienced recruiters can spot something funny just a few feet away.


The best option is to be truthful regarding the history of your salary, gaps in employment, as well as any other details that could be revealed in the future. We’re here for you and want to see you succeed, so being honest will help us assist you.

9. A call doesn’t (Necessarily) mean it’s an official interview

Sometimes, a telephone conversation is needed to clarify the needs of someone’s words before we bring them into the team.


This is where your concise, sweet and succinct elevator pitch will come in handy again. Know your worth, understand what you are worth and know how to impress someone in just a few minutes. If you’re not comfortable when you call, learn to improve your phone skills.

10. We laugh over Inappropriate LinkedIn Photos

If you’re constantly looking through LinkedIn profiles, it is likely that you’ll come across intriguing photos. The recruiters aren’t evil, but we are all human!


Be careful not to be too serious (this isn’t the same as a headshot) So, get rid of the multiple-person picture and choose something that is professional. If you require assistance, Here are some suggestions to get an excellent headshot at no cost.

11. We don’t want you to call us.

You’re interested in hearing whether the prospective employer is interested. It’s okay, as we’ve experienced it before. However that if we’d like to talk with you, we’ll be in contact.


You can’t change our minds simply by calling. Don’t make the mistake of calling and you risk annoying someone who is close to bringing you into. If you must keep in touch with any aspect or process, you can do so via email.

12. We’re Not Heartless

These secrets could make you want to abstain from recruiting altogether. After all, if I read this, I’d probably feel downright depressed, also; however, before you do so, take this tip in your mind.


Obvious or not, whether you’re, no matter what, recruiters play a vital function in helping identify qualified people for the organizations they work for. Although you shouldn’t consider what I’m saying as gospel, you should take this into consideration when seeking a new job, especially when you’re having difficulty getting interviews.

Remember, these are only suggestions. You’re an extremely hard worker and (I’ll presume) excellent at what you do. That alone can make a difference in your job search as well as throughout your career.

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