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How To Start Your Job Search


How To Start Your Job Search

1. Make use of a bite-sized approach

There is a myriad of components to the job hunt, and each requires a distinct approach or method. Begin by breaking down your job search into smaller pieces. This is a great strategy, especially if you’re feeling unmotivated/overwhelmed, as a bite-sized job search will feel more manageable and help you experience small wins along the way (not to mention boost your confidence). Determine where exactly you are on the spectrum of job searching and stay focused. If, for instance, you’ve never had any interviews, your attention should be on one part of the process for applying (networking or applying, updating your CV). Don’t think about your interview or salary negotiation at this moment since it is not relevant in the context of the work to be completed.

2. Concentrate on What You Would Like to Have

It’s all about the goal. What is your goal? If not, keep an eye out for endless job board wandering (yikes). If you do actually find what you’re looking for, you could be confusing the manager hiring you with your inattention. You’re likely to be able to convince them that that they are trying to win only with them. Focus your attention on the goal you want to achieve.

3. Make sure you know who You Are

Your professional image is all that matters. Branding. Anyone who is in a position to hire you must believe that you’re the ideal candidate for the job – easy as that. One way to determine whether it’s a branding issue is to determine if you’re not getting responses from the online application process or your networks. It’s likely that they don’t know how to assist you as you’re not aligned with your desired audience.

4. Find the best tools to Help You in Your Job Search

More tools are available than ever for job seekers based on the specific aspect of the job search they are focused on. If it’s an online job search or searching for opportunities, you can try job boards.

A single of the most effective professional branding tools is LinkedIn because the majority of hiring managers will come at your profile before they solicit your resume. As a general rule, you should appear in searches for hiring managers and get requests for connections from your industry of choice. If not, it’s worth taking more time to work on improving your profile. It’s also important to be aware of the additional benefits and features available through LinkedIn.

Another one I love is Jobscan. This program is specifically designed to search your resume and look for keywords to ensure you can improve your resume in ATS systems (in case you are losing your way in the job board’s black hole). If you’re not certain about the keywords on your resume, I strongly suggest you try Jobscan an attempt!

5. Contact Your Network

Although the thought of networking might scare you, the fact is true that the best chance of securing an employment opportunity quickly is through people you know. It should serve as your start to every job application when you can. Begin by creating a list of every person you know. Then, you can send out messages in accordance with what the connection is about. It isn’t advisable for the entire network, but instead, make sure to address each person in a thoughtful manner. If you require more tips on networking to make you feel at ease, you can begin by writing in your name the addresses of both offline and online (LinkedIn) connections. This is an excellent beginning step to begin looking at the possibilities before you visit those job sites.

6. Take care in each application

Self-knowledge is the first step. Making it known to others in a professional manner is the other part of the tale. You must be competent enough to walk the talk and be able to talk the talk, particularly in situations where your first impressions are at risk. The best elevator pitch isn’t enough without a great resume (and the reverse is true). If you’re feeling like you’re applying for hundreds of job opportunities without receiving a reply or a response, then you’re either doing the application process in the wrong way, or you’re not presenting yourself well during the application process. Make sure you tailor your cover letter and resume, and if you can, look for someone to introduce you (because the job boards and ATS aren’t the worst options)!

7. Be Positive

It’s true. Negative thinking can be difficult to recognize in ourselves, yet it’s easily detected by those around us. It isn’t a good idea to make this mistake. Therefore, you may want to take some time to recognize the negative effects on your outlook and then implement an easy routine that will boost your mental performance. Boost.

When you start your job search by following these seven steps, you’ll be more assured that you’re taking the correct steps to land the job you want.

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