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Tim Tebow: Keeping His Options Open


Tim Tebow Keeping His Options Open

I simply needed to share this new reading piece that gave me quite a few insights these days. Yahoo Sports news article written by means of Anwar Richardson reports that Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback, is thinking about a career in university broadcasting now that he has not been able to land an NFL activity since his launch from the New England Patriots prior to this season. Although his article goes on to talk about Tebow’s struggles at some point in his NFL career and whether or not he has what it takes to achieve success, the motive of this article isn’t to talk about or decide whether Tebow is qualified or able to succeeding in a profession as a university broadcaster however to focus on the simple truth that he is sensible enough to simply accept the reality that what he has completed for so long is now not running for him. This is a circulate to be admired in the team of workers.

It isn’t clear to make an exchange after doing something for so long, but sometimes it’s far vital to accumulate the power to achieve this. We can all research a few instructions from the humility of Tim Tebow, even if it’s far derived from having no different desire. I can not vouch for the planning that he has taken earlier than considering this move; however, in case you, like Tebow, were pondering a career alternate, it’ll be clever in an effort to mirror the following steps before jumping into the unknown.

Tebow Inspired Lesson # 1: Decide whether it is crucial to make the change

Maybe you’ve got labored at your everyday task for some time, and these days you have got just now not glad in any respect. Perhaps you revel in what you do but have now not been capable of meeting the expectancies of your career, or in all likelihood, you adore your contemporary career and are excelling greatly, but it is interfering with different regions of your existence that is more essential to you which include time along with your family and loved ones. It could, by way of threat, be caused because of downsizing or a layoff, whichever one it’s miles, it sounds like it is time to make an exchange, but you must ensure that that is what you want and what you have to do to avoid double-minded thinking that can paralyze you with fear.

Tebow Inspired Lesson #2: Do your research

A career alternate may be a daunting mission; however, earlier than barking out right into a shaky financial system, you need to explore all of your options. Do a self-assessment by comparing your current abilities, training and capabilities. Are they transferable sufficiently that they can fill the space among your abilities and the qualifications required for the potential profession? For example, if the most effective assume that you have below your belt is ideal strolling footwear and the potential to seize or throw a football, then you definitely need to clearly don’t forget to continue your education if the new profession would not relate. If you have a degree, determine what you may experience doing. What is the industry in that subject like? Do people in that subject that could end up mentors and assist you in adjusting to this transformation? Have you tested all of the possibilities? Lots of questions that need to be answered now and no longer later in case you are serious about your new profession flow due to the fact you want your subsequent profession to be managed by way of you and no longer the opposite manner round.

Tebow Inspired Lesson #3: Don’t just plan; write it down.

You’ve decided on the career exchange that you prefer to move into, so now it is time to locate what your heart has installed your head on paper. Write down the step-by-step movement that you will take to complete this transition. You can even think about it as growing a road map for your own achievement.

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