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Job Search Techniques That Don’t Work


Job Search Techniques That Don't Work

It is easy to see when you have made a huge error in your job application. You don’t attach your CV. The incorrect version is sent. The cover letter for your resume is addressed to Mr. Chris Smith. You then discover that Chris could be a girl. Sometimes, however, you might not realize that you are doing everything right. There are some methods that job seekers use over and over because they believe they work well. These same methods could be preventing you from getting that job interview. Here are four common blunders that can make it harder for you to get the job of your dreams.

1. Apply for as many jobs as possible

People often think that job searching is a numbers game. You might think that the more resumes you send, then the greater chance someone will get back to you. It’s not true. You’re probably not spending enough time researching the company and the position, customizing each request and contacting former employees to get insider information.

Many applicants believe that applying for multiple positions within the same organization increases their chances of being called back. This sends three messages, in fact: You’re not sure what you want, you’re not confident and will take anything, or you don’t have a good understanding of what each job requires. It’s not a good idea in any situation.

How can you fix this? Quality over quantity. Instead of applying for every semi-important job within 70 miles, start your search by compiling a list of top firms and learning as much about them as you can. If they offer opportunities that match your skills, take the time to carefully build your application. This includes modifying your CV bullets to show exactly how your knowledge aligns, writing a tailored cover letter and asking your new connections for guidance. This strategy is more difficult than simply submitting the same CV over and over again, but it will increase your chances of getting a job interview.

2. Apply ASAP

Okay, now you have a simplified list of corporations, and one has just posted a job that matches your skills. It’s amazing! You get to work quickly and hit send, hoping to be the first manager to view your application. You will not only show how excited you are about the job, but the team may also love your application and will not need to interview anyone else. You will be doing yourself no favors by this.

What can you do? Give it a day or so.

Managers must throw out all applications received within the first hour of posting a job opening. It’s easy for managers to focus on speed and lose sight of the details like names, counting, etc. It is better to give yourself a few days to edit and modify your elements. Then, have someone else review them. You will reap the benefits of mentorship from a former employee. An outstanding application is better than an unremarkable but prompt application every time.

3. Emailing your CV to people unrequested

Let’s go back to those people who work for your dream companies. It’s great to meet them and get their attention. Asking for their help in completing the job: This was also great. Unrequest your CV and a note saying, “Here’s my CV. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!” This is a terrible idea! You may be successful in some cases. But that is only if the company has a job that matches your skills. This move could also be used to request your trusted contact, who has been helpful in talking with you about the organization, to help you critique your CV and look at any positions that match your skills.

How do you fix this? Firstly, apply normally and then allow your contact to be aware.

Yes, it is possible and advisable to ask your contact for advice before applying. If your contact is able to help you with a suggestion or pass on your CV, that would be great. This presumption should not be assumed. Take the suggestions that you have found and do the hard work just as any other applicant. Look at the company’s job page to find your dream job, and then submit an application with all the required parts.

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