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Answers to Your Recruiting Problems


Answers to Your Recruiting Problems

Recruitment and hiring. Although it is a necessary task for every company, it does not make it easy or enjoyable. It’s not easy to write job postings, go through CVs and applications, interview dozens of applicants, make rejection calls and send out emails after you have found the right candidate. It is tedious and exhausting, not to mention boring. There are other solutions than posting on Monster.com to solve your recruitment problem. These include staffing agencies as well as sources such as Linked In. Although they are often used for different types of jobs, both can be beneficial to your company.

Sites for Job Search

Job search sites such as Monster.com or Job.com allow job seekers to upload their resumes directly to these websites. Monster.com has a global presence. Employers can also post open positions on Monster.com. Although you will need to create a job posting, resumes can be sent directly from the site. You should create a company profile to attract top applicants. This will allow potential employees to better understand what you are offering and help them decide if it is the proper position for them. Monster.com and Job.com look similar to traditional paper applications. However, you don’t need to read the handwriting of the potential employee. You can simply review their work history and other positions to help you make an informed decision about them.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are often referred to more commonly as temp agencies. They are much more than this. They are often used to hire temporary workers, especially for busy seasons in retail and manufacturing, but they can also be used to find permanent employees to fill your positions for many years to come. There are many staffing agencies available, and even in rural areas, you may be able to find one to meet your staffing requirements.

The staffing agency works by asking applicants to submit a resume and then interviewing them. Before completing a professional assessment, they test the applicant on typing speed, Microsoft Office skills, and aptitude for different skills. The potential employee is then matched with the company looking for a job. The hiring company must submit a job listing to the staffing agency. This allows them to offer their services as recruiting agencies. The company pays a portion of the employee’s salary or wages to the staffing agency once the applicant has been matched. The company can hire an employee permanently if the employee is a match for the company’s needs. The hiring company does not pay the staffing agency.

Linked-In, Other Professional Connection Sites

LinkedIn.com allows professionals to create profiles and make connections with others, including friends, family members, coworkers, convention attendees, or other connections. These sites can be used by companies to recruit. They filter the results to find candidates that meet your requirements. The site allows you to contact the candidate via email or messaging. This protects all personal information. You can track the candidates you are interested in hiring, as well as organize group activities.



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