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Don’t Stop! Pass Go! Keep Going!


Don't Stop! Pass Go! Keep Going!

It is incredible how many times I have met clients who claim that they applied for jobs at almost every company but that no one has ever called them. It is hilarious to see that after the final assessment, they only applied to 3-4 places in that month. Now they are waiting for the right places to call them back. One man gave me a three month old application during my first consultation. He insisted that I return it for him as he didn’t have the time. To encourage him, I returned the application, but with one condition: he had to go with me to return it. We changed the application’s date, and we moved on.
To be successful in your job search, you must remain consistent so that even after five “no”s, you get the “YES!” you worked so hard to achieve. Procrastination is a risk that we all face. However, we must not allow excuses such as “I’m tired” and “I’ll be starting tomorrow” to keep us from achieving the goals that will positively impact our lives. It is essential to remind ourselves daily to keep going.

Don’t Stop!

After you’ve started your job search, it is time to make a decision to go from point A to B. You can’t reach Point B if you don’t make an easy decision to change your course. You can make the decision to keep going until you achieve your goal. In this instance, it is getting the job. It takes commitment and sacrifice, but once you reach your goal, sacrifice and commitment will be the friendliness that motivates others.

Pass it!

You can decide how many applications you would like to submit in one week. Once you have reached that number, you can go further. If you have the time, make an extra effort. Do not exhaust yourself, but do more because you’re on the road to success.

Keep going!

Two questions: Where are you going? What are you looking for? Your lack of motivation cannot lead you to where you don’t want to go. To move forward, you need to have a clear vision of where you are going. You’ve probably been in an aeroplane and experienced some turbulence. This could have made it feel like the plane was going off course. However, if you think from the perspective of the pilot who is driving the plane, you might seek higher altitudes that will allow you to safely reach your destination. Because the destination is clear, this decision is made. This is the most important thing to remember when you are searching for a job. Having a clear goal will allow you to overcome any obstacles that could hinder your job search or lead you to nowhere.


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