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Job Interview: Five Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills


Job Interview Five Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Accepting that something you worked so hard for is over is one of the most challenging things. It can be shocking to many, but others can see it coming. It was something Lane Kiffin, USC coach, could have seen coming after the seventh loss in 11 games. As you know, he should also realize that reality is what you must accept as you are forced to terminate your employment. What now? What next? What is the cause of this? Who’s to blame? It’s hard to know the answer to all these questions, but it’s not the end. Despite how difficult this situation might seem, you still have the strength to overcome it and move forward. It is essential to have the right mindset in times of opposition. This will allow you to overcome any obstacles. These mental exercises can help you eliminate the stress and anxiety that may have resulted in you being fired or laid off.

Exercise #1: Don’t Blame Yourself

You don’t have to dwell on it. It’s over! It is crucial to examine the circumstances of your termination. Take note of any mistakes you make. Then, use those mistakes to improve your self-image and become a better employee for the next employer.

Exercise 2: Don’t blame the employer

Many people blame the company when faced with a layoff or termination. Maybe they were too strict about their policies or compassionate towards personal issues. Or maybe they didn’t appreciate you as much. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see things through the eyes of an employer. Blaming your former employer will only lead to a distrustful attitude towards your new employer. This is unfair! This is not fair!

Exercise 3: Get Decided!

This is the right time to put your foot forward and move on. You don’t have to blame your ex-employer or yourself. Instead, prepare to put your best foot forward for the next job opportunity. Make sure to update your resume and write cover letters highlighting your strengths as a candidate for the job you are applying for. Employers will not be impressed by your past.



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