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Finding Work In A No Work Economy!


Finding Work In A No Work Economy!

Make a job search plan.

Job seekers often allow stress from unexpected job loss or financial worries to drive their job search. This causes them to engage in a quick job search without ever being fully prepared. A job search plan will help you avoid the stress of wasting too much time looking at dead leads. Instead, it will give you the momentum to make the right decisions and get you on the right track. A plan will make you more confident and positive and help you get a job quicker. Include a review of your skills and updated resume. Also, include a plan for how you will conduct job searches.

Set up a Network

Employers prefer to hire people who have been referred by their networks. You can get the edge over the rest by creating professional and personal networks that can recommend you for a job and help you get in the door faster. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you build your network. As a Career Coach, my clients are encouraged to be proactive. If you do decide to use social media, I recommend that you make sure your profile is professional. You can also build a network by joining a job club and attending workshops. You might be lucky enough to meet someone who “knows somebody who knows somebody”.

Participate in Job Fairs

Although it may sound a bit traditional, job fairs can be an excellent way for you to submit your resume to companies participating in the event. You will also have the chance to meet the hiring staff to expand your network. The application process at a job fair can be quicker, especially if employers offer on-the-spot interviews to screen applicants. Although this is a unique opportunity for you, it’s essential to bring your best because the company representatives have limited time and can only make quick judgements based on resumes or brief interactions.

Develop your skills

Return to school
It is never too late for you to return to school, despite what many believe. You may be able to find a job that isn’t available through continuous education. Additional training can be a boon.

Many people believe that volunteering is not a working experience since it is unpaid. It doesn’t mean that a job isn’t worthwhile. If an employer has two qualified applicants with the same skills, it could be your volunteer experience that makes the difference.

Be an intern
Employers struggle to find the right talent, while job seekers try to be different. Interns are allowed to be part of the company. As a paid employee, perform the job. This includes changing company policies, dress codes and work schedules. You should learn as much as possible and do your best to be successful. You could be the next person to fill the vacant position.

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