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Job Searching? 11 Effective Ways to Create Your Target Company List


Job Searching 11 Effective Ways to Create Your Target Company List

The Good

A positive attitude is vital. Don’t let the pressure and stress of searching for a job get in your way. This will hinder your ability to find the right job. You can be confident that your current unemployment status will end soon, and you can continue to work until you achieve your goal.

A plan is essential for every job search. You won’t get anywhere if you keep moving in circles. Start your job search by creating an action plan. This will help you stay on track and get you noticed by potential employers.

Multi-method job search – If you spend all your time applying online for jobs, it is easy to lose sight of the goal and become discouraged. There are many ways to connect with the right opportunities. You can diversify your network, read the help needed classified, and, best of all, submit an application in person at potential employment sites.

The Bad

Unreasonable expectations are – It’s okay to have a job you love, and that makes you want to get up every morning. It is unacceptable to expect to be hired for a job without the right qualifications and to ignore the jobs you are qualified for. This attitude can make you unproductive and increase your unemployment. Start by focusing your talents on the areas where you are most competent. Next, set short- and long-term goals that will help you prepare for your ideal job.

Unavailability – Employers want to hire the right people for the job. Applying for a job you don’t intend to be available for is a waste of both your time as well as theirs. Why apply for a job at a hotel if you don’t want to work weekends? Why work at a plant expecting 8-10 hours of productivity if you don’t want to work more than four hours per day? It is crucial to show potential employers that you are organized and prepared.

Inadequacy in interview skills – Although you can submit 100 applications with the correct information, you won’t be considered for a job if you don’t know the rules and techniques of interviewing. What you wear, how you dress and what you say are more important than what you think. Prepare by doing research on the company you will be interviewing for and taking part in mock interviews to learn the skills that will make you stand out from the rest.

The Ugly

Interviews that are unprofessional – Poor interview skills, unreasonable expectations and inability to meet company needs are all ingredients for a bad interview. Interviews are designed to eliminate job seekers that aren’t a good fit for the company’s needs. Employers are getting better at identifying weaknesses that won’t help their bottom line.

No Call Backs – All the mistakes above can make an opportunity into a lost cause. Every step of the process determines the action that the employer will take, from the moment you submit your application to the time you interview.

No Job Offer – After you’ve done so much to get to this stage, the manager asks when you are available to start. You answer “as soon as possible” but then add “I can’t work… or “I won’t do…”. If you’re not ready to compete with other applicants, your first impression could be your last.

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