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5 Tips to Keep Your Flokati Rug White, Fluffy and Clean


5 Tips to Keep Your Flokati Rug White, Fluffy and Clean

f you have a Flokati hairpiece or are considering buying one, then are some tips on how to keep your Flokati hairpiece white, ethereal and clean.

1. Take your Flokati hairpiece outdoors and shake it

Giving your hairpiece a good shake can help lift any woolen fibers which have come flattened when cabinetwork has been placed on it or because of a lot of bottom business. Shaking your hairpiece will also remove a lot of dirt and dust which has come caught in the woolen filaments.

Still, that’s stylish, If you can get someone to help you shake the hairpiece. Each person holds one side and shakes it roundly. You’ll notice dust and dirt coming out of the hairpiece. Keep on shaking it until all the dust and dirt appear to have gone.
Still, place it on the clothesline, If you have no- bone
to help you. Peg one side of the hairpiece to the clothesline while you hold and shake the other side.

Try and make the trouble to give it a good shake at least every month.

2. Leave your hairpiece outside for a while, but not in the sun

After you’ve given your hairpiece a good shake, leave it outdoors to state it, instead, for many hours. This can help get out any odors and help refreshen it.
Do not leave it in the sun. Your Flokati hairpiece is made of hair, and, too necessary, the sun can make the hair on your rug look unheroic. Sun can discolor woolen particulars.

3. Encounter your hairpiece

Get a soft bristle encounter and encounter the hairpiece. This can untangle any matted woolen filaments. Encounter it from the center towards the outsides of the hairpiece. Some of the filaments may get caught in the encounter, and that’s normal.

You may want to avoid vacuuming the Flokati hairpiece, especially if you have a vacuum cleaner with a rotary encounter in the head of the vacuum cleaner. The long woolen filaments can get stuck in the head of the vacuum cleaner, which is not suitable for the hairpiece or the vacuum cleaner.

4. Lift the woolen filaments

After you’ve given your hairpiece a good shake, and a good encounter, you can lift the woolen fibers with an ordinary plastic theater rake. Make sure the rake is clean. Place the rake at the base of the woolen fibers and gently lift the hair from the bottom up.
This should be pretty easy to do after you have brushed the hairpiece. Some of the filaments may get caught in the rake, and this is fine. This will not beget damage to your Flokati hairpiece as it’s veritably sturdy.

5. Washing your Flokati hairpiece

A Flokati hairpiece needs a suitable marshland about formerly a time, depending on how dirty it gets.

Still, you can wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle, If it’s small. Use mild soap, the same one you use for woolen clothes. Don’t use bleach. Place it out in the shade to dry, and also give it a good encounter once it has dried.
Still, place it outdoors and spot it with water, If your hairpiece is large. Get your encounter, dip it in a blend of cold water and mild soap and encounter it. Also, dry it in the shade. Encounter it when it’s dry, followed by combing it.

Shaking, raising, combing and washing your Flokati hairpiece should keep it white, ethereal and clean.

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