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Steven Sotloff – Employee of the Year – And Years to Come!


Steven Sotloff - Employee of the Year - And Years to Come!

As the world contemplates its feelings and indeed opinions girding the death of intelligencer Steven Joel Sotloff, I wanted to write this composition having in mind the topmost sympathy for family members and the topmost respect for Steven’s memory indeed in my profession. This composition isn’t written with any political docket or an attempt to condemn any leadership action that has taken place. Although Steven’s life can speak volumes in numerous areas, the sole purpose of this composition is to express and partake in what I believe can be a sincere communication indeed to the job campaigners in this country because there’s a lot to be said about a man who’s willing to give his life in a job he was so passionate about. As emotional as his communication was, I feel that there were three more important values given to us as his family and sisters than in America.

Be Committed to What You Do

Commitment isn’t just an agreement or a pledge to do a commodity; it’s a station that’s driven from the heart. Steven gave up the comforts of American life to travel and live in places that numerous of us would selfishly not indeed consider. This was all to fulfill his commitment to bringing the accurate data of the information that we demanded to know. This is an assignment that numerous of us can take to heart in our profession. How numerous of us can take a look at our conduct in our jobs and say that when we’ve given all that we can, it was all we had to give.

Be Passionate About What You Do

Passion and commitment are two different effects, although I believe they appear from the same source, the heart. Although commitment involves a station of doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done no matter what, passion is that fire inside that once it’s burned, no quantum of disappointment, adversity, or difficulty can put it out. I am sure that Steven had his share of adverse circumstances, but his passion for what he was doing drove him past all of that. Do not allow the adverse circumstances of your job to keep you from doing what you need to do because there’s always a bigger picture to what you see. For illustration, a childcare provider doesn’t just mind children from 9- 5; she is furnishing a dependable service to promote the success of families.

Be responsible for What You Do.

As I sit in front of my computer and I hear the communication given in what seems to be Steven’s last hour, I take to heart every single word that’s said. Numerous would say that this is a communication directed solely to Obama, but I would combat that statement and say that Obama is only one chairman, one authority and one person. Our government and defense system is made up of further than one person. This was a communication to the American people. Stevens’s communication was directed to the leader of this country because he knew that this was the person that had the power to make the quickest change, but the retired communication was to the American people to hold those in power responsible for their conduct. This is an important communication that can be taken into any workplace. However, hold your employer responsible for not just writing safety programs but enforcing them, If you’re working in an area where your administrator expects the product to stamp safety.

So much further can be said and deduced from Steven’s communication, but I choose to stick with the three listed over.
Steven, we thank you for your fidelity to the American people and the gift that your memory leaves with us.

” Let those who strive for true success not forget those who paved the way for it!”

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